Working Process

Supplies and stocks

The supply of materials is handled with the aid of an ERP system of the latest generation, allowing us to optimize the stocks of raw materials and the timing of supply of the same. The system also supports us in giving precise answer in terms of feasibility of the orders.

Cutting and stripping of conductors / electric cables

The delicate operation of cutting and seaming on the conductors is done with an automatic KMI (Italian company leader in the design and construction of machines for the wiring). This installation allows:
– a high execution speed;
– quality guaranteed 100% on each piece, thanks to sensors that check piece by piece the entire batch production.

Semiautomatic crimping

The crimping operation of multi-conductor is garatita by a system that at the same time with pinpoint precision stripping the conductor and in the next instant crimping contact chosen by controlling the whole process with sensors that ensure the quality, always piece by piece.


The installation steps are handled by our staff who, with their long experience package the product according to customer specifications.

Control and testing

After the assembly phase, equipment testing verify that everything is according to plan, releasing a control board that certifies the success of the test. The operator will then, where required, etichetare to the product stamped with the lot number and date of manufacture, information for product traceability.

Packaging & Shipping

For shipping we rely on the primary Italian and international couriers, that as soon as possible deliver the products to our customers by providing reliability in delivery.